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I. Clothing

II. Books

Church History. A General History of the Catholic Church, by Fr. J. E.. Darras. New York: O’Shea, 1866. (4 vols.)

Canon Law. The Sacred Canons, by John A. Abbo & Jerome D. Hannan. St. Louis: B. Herder, 1957. (2 vols.).

Moral Theology. Summa Theologiae Moralis, by Benedict Henry Merkelbach, O.P. Bruges: Desclée de Brouwer. (3 vols.) Any edition will do.

Dogmatic Theology. Tractatus Dogmatici, by Edouard Hugon, O.P. Paris: P. Lethielleux. (3 vols.)

Philosophy. Cursus Philosophiae Thomisticae, by Edouard Hugon, O.P. Paris: P. Lethielleux, 1927. (3 vols.) ( This is available at the seminary).

Also recommended for both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Liturgy: Callan, Charles J., The Psalms, with Introductions, Critical Notes and Reflections. New York: Wagner, 1944. (N.B.: not the earlier McHugh—Callan edition) and Britt, Matthew, Hymns of the Breviary and Missal. Benziger 1922.

III. Other Information

Each seminarian will have his own room. Seminarians may not bring radios or television sets, but may bring computers.They may not play computer games, and all such software should be left home. It is forbidden to have sound equipment in the room. They may bring their own discs, but these may only contain classical music, chant, or Renaissance polyphony. All popular music, as well as jazz, rock, country, big band, broadway and similar music is forbidden. Seminarians may bring as many books as they want (within reason), but only those pertaining to serious subjects. Spy or detective novels, for example, may not be read by seminarians. Seminarians may not bring VCR’s, DVD players, or any other electronic equipment for the purpose of listening to music or watching videos. They may not bring videos or DVD’s. Seminarians do not have access to the Internet except by special permission. They may send and receive emails on Sundays only, except by special permission. They may not use the telephone, or receive calls, except by permission of the Rector or Vice-Rector, when there is a sufficient reason. The usual manner of communication with family and friends is by ordinary mail. Seminarians may not have cell phones except after they are ordained priests, or by special permission.

IV. Arrival Information

By car: Take Interstate 75 to Exit 293 in Florida, which is the County Road 41 exit. Go west on County Road 41 for about 2 miles. The seminary will be very visible on the east side of the road. The address is 1000 Spring Lake Highway, Brooksville, Florida 34602.

By plane: Fly to Tampa. Orlando is an alternate, but Tampa is preferred. Inform the Seminary of your airline, flight number and time of arrival. You will be met at the point where passengers exit from security, or in the baggage area, if you have baggage. If for any reason you are not met, call 586 909 0137.

By train: Take the train to Orlando. Inform the Seminary of train arrival time, as well as the name and/or number of the train, if it has one. If for any reason you are not met, call 586 909 0137.

V. Useful Addresses

Clerical Tailors

C.M. Almy & Son, Inc.

228 Sound Beach Avenue

Greenwich, Connecticut 06870

Telephone: 800 225 2569

(Contact them for a catalogue, or visit their web site).

Magnarelli Clerical Tailors

2216 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, Penna. 19145

Telephone 215 339 0558

(You may write to them for an order and measurement form. Specify that the cassock should be of plain wool blend cloth [year round], of pontiff 3 collar height, and should come with piping [optional], half-lining, covered buttons, padded shoulders, slightly deeper pockets [+2”] and the buttons spaced 1 3/4” apart.).

Ditta Annibale Gammarelli

Via Santa Chiara, 34 00186

Roma Italy

Fax: 011 39 6 688 01314

(You may write or fax for a measurement form). (Gammarelli is now taking six months to produce a cassock, at least)

N.B. Toomey products are available at nearly all church goods stores.

Used Book Dealers

Preserving Christian Publications

P.O. Box 221

Boonville, New York 13309

Loome Theological Booksellers

320 North 4th Street

Stillwater, Minn. 55082

Tel: 612 430 1092