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Help Us Expand

Help Us Expand

A Message from Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn

Because we have reached capacity, the need to expand the seminary becomes all the more pressing. Although there is an attrition every year, nevertheless the number of available rooms gets smaller and smaller as time goes on. The specter of turning away a qualified young man, for lack of space, is looming and is horrifying. Bergoglio is producing sedevacantists at an ever increasing rate, which will translate into more vocations to the priesthood.

We are launching a building fund. I am hoping to raise two million dollars. We must either build here in Brooksville or buy an existing building elsewhere.



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Old sermons and articles

You may have noticed that the new site does not yet offer all the old sermons and articles we used to have in the old site. We are working on it. Eventually all the content will be published. Thank you for your patience!

New Site

Hi everyone!

Our new site is up and running! We hope you enjoy the new design. The Seminary blog will be used to give you updates about the Seminary itself, our parish and our missions. Have you noticed the audio player? It updates automatically when we upload new sermons. Also, make sure to check our YouTube channel out for more content.


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